Interesting Facts About Gift Cards

Gift Card Facts

Gift Card Redemptions

While online and retail vacation shopping sales have satisfied or surpassed expectations for many merchants in the last few years, there is another “rush” for all merchants to prepare for: gift card redemption.

Gift Card Facts
Gift Card Facts

In accordance with Hitwise, an online intelligence service, the market share of U.S. Internet searches consisting of the words “gift card” was up 32% for the week ending December 10, 2005 as compared to the previous week. In fact, the National Retail Federation expects gift card sales to increase 6.6% this holiday season to 18.48 billion dollars, with consumers spending an average of $88 dollars on gift cards or 15.6% of their vacation shopping budget plan.

Gift certificates have always been a popular gift option for the hard to please recipient or perhaps for the lazy consumer. For the gift giver, it enables a fast purchase at whatever shop or online merchant they choose, with a dollar amount that fits their budget plan. For the recipient, they can pick what they desire from a particular merchant and for the most part use the card at their convenience.

The Gift Card Is The Perfect Gift Option

But for some, offering a gift card is a cop-out, thinking it is too impersonal and deciding to hand pick a gift and choosing something special and distinct for a loved one or buddy. However, for some, the gift card is the perfect gift option, with family or friends even suggesting the store or online merchant they choose.

For the merchants, it has actually extended the vacation shopping season because they can not tape the sale until the recipient utilizes the gift card to make a purchase. This holds down sales figures in November and December, however supplies an increase in January when most cards are redeemed. An additional increase is provided by the reality that the majority of the consumers who redeem their gift cards typically invest 15% to 50% more than the face value of the card when they pick their vacation gift.

Are There Drawbacks To Gift Cards?

There are some drawbacks to gift cards. Some merchants clear unused gift cards off the books by subtracting off of the stated value of the card, an inactivity fee (normally $2.50 monthly) after a specific quantity of time. Some gift cards have an expiration date and others come with special conditions or limitations. However, consumer outrage has actually prompted many states across the nation to introduce legislation restricting or banning the fees. Furthermore, there is no federal law on gift cards however, two Republican congressmen, Joe Barton of Texas and Charlie Bass of New Hampshire, have asked for that the Federal Trade Commission investigate the way retailers conduct their gift card programs.

Is giving a gift card too impersonal? Is it the best gift choice? That question is up for dispute and is an individual choice. However with annual gift card sales forecasted to reach 90 billion dollars by 2007 (Ernst & Young 2005), the gift card is here to stay.

Yes, A Gift Card Is A Great Present

What To Give The Person Who Has Everthing

What Do You Give  Hard-to-Buy-For People?

Almost everybody has at least one person on their shopping list that seems impossible to buy for. That person may be incredibly choosy; might go out and buy everything they want when they desire it; or may be someone you do not know all that well.

What To Give The Person Who Has EverthingFor instance, some couples who get married do not register for gifts because they currently have their homes established and do not feel they need any extra items. In that case, a gift card or gift certificate to one of their favorite dining establishments, the theater, or for travel from an airline or travel bureau would likely be appreciated. Or perhaps the person you are buying the gift for is somebody who lives far away and the gift you wish to buy is extremely bulky which would make shipping costly. Because case a gift card or gift certificate for that product would work well.

A gift card can likewise be an excellent gift for somebody you know extremely well. For instance, my sister-in-law enjoys to obtain massages. But she has four children and a tight family budget so massages are a high-end she can not normally manage. So for her birthday and for Christmas I offer her gift certificates for massages or to a spa. She loves getting them!

I’ve likewise provided my children gift cards. For instance, last year my boy desired a recliner for Christmas. We wanted to get it for him but he lives 600 miles away and one wouldn’t suit his vehicle for his drive back home after the holidays. Purchasing one and shipping it didn’t seem cost effective to us. We chose we would rather put that shipping loan into a nicer reclining chair so we gave him a gift card to purchase a chair where he lives. Due to the fact that we weren’t sure exactly what furniture shop he would wish to purchase the recliner from, we gave him a Visa gift card which can be utilized anywhere a Visa charge card can be utilized.

The significant credit card companies, consisting of Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa all sell gift cards. The gift cards are redeemable anywhere their credits are accepted.

Everyone Likes A Little Help Filling Up On Gas

Gas gift cards are another gift card I like to give. My nieces and nephews who own love them, because like the majority of other teenagers who drive they are always scrounging for gas cash. And since gas gift cards can be used for gas and also for purchasing treats inside the filling station, they are a gift that is really appreciated.

Teenage girls normally love gift cards or gift certificates to the local shopping center. For me, teenage girls are challenging to buy and I have a teenage daughter! Most teenage girls love clothes but can be extremely picky about what they like. Likewise, picking the best size can be challenging since sizes are not uniform amongst shops. I prefer giving a gift card in order to avoid the recipient having to go through taking the undesirable or incorrect size item back to the shop to exchange.

If you need to find a gift for someone who enjoys to go to restaurants and you wish to buy them a dining establishment gift certificate, consider buying one from your state’s restaurant association (if they use gift certificates). Then the receivers will have the ability to go to any among the association’s member dining establishments which generally provides a large option. For example, the Wisconsin restaurant association offers gift certificates to utilize at any among their member dining establishments of which there are over 7,000.

If you are looking for a gift for that individual who appears to have whatever, think about giving them something much like a gift card– offer a gift in their name to a charitable organization such as the Red Cross.

Some individuals say offering a gift card is the lazy way to provide a gift. I don’t concur. I think an attentively picked gift card is a wonderful gift. It reveals the recipient that you desire them to have something unique they can truly use.

Give Double The Delight With Gift Cards!

Gift Cards Are Splendid Gifts

Finding the ideal present can be very difficult

Gift Cards Are Splendid Gifts
Gift Cards – Double The Pleasure!

Discovering the ideal gift for that unique someone has actually always been of terrific importance. They may state that it’s the idea that counts, however the thoughtfulness invested in any gift must go deeper than simply selecting something up at random. While your mom might like flowers, there’s little point in purchasing a lot for your sweetheart who is allergic– a gift does not need to be precisely exactly what your loved one wanted to be really valued, but it should represent something they can use, and some understanding of exactly what they enjoy to do.

Is A Gift Card An Impersonal Present?

For this reason it might be argued that gift cards are merely an impersonal method, purchased to make the gift provider’s life much easier rather than displaying any unique thought or message to the recipient. And while there is an excellent thrill to be discovered in getting the really gift you have talked about non-stop for weeks, or something purchased by the delicate soul who intuited a gift that you had not even realized you required yet, a gift card is a really thoughtful gift, enabling the recipient to buy precisely what it is they truly need.

Why Everyone Likes A Gift Card

How many of us have received gifts that wound up unused, unloved? Even with the best will on the planet, a well-thought out gift can fizzle. Why make complex life by gifting items that just add stress to the lives of those we like by needing to be dragged from storage each time we visit? It is not just the recipient who wants to discover a gift that will beloved and treasured.

Share A Gift Card With Your Friend

If you are fretted about your gift card appearing impersonal, then make your mark on what is undoubtedly a special gift. Make your own handmade card to accompany your gift, and make a date to go shopping to invest it. By picking a non-store particular gift card, such as those made by Visa, you can leave the plans in the hands of the recipient of your gift, so that you in effect present them with a twofold gift– the chance to purchase something they’ve constantly wanted and the possibility to spend time with you.